What i have learned making angular-semantic-ui

Some times ago, i think two weeks ago i have started to developer angular.js directives for semantic UI modules. Full idea was to make SemanticUI - jquery free. So, today i'm finishing with the initial version of angular-semantic-ui project, and here is the list of my opinions about different tools which i used for this. First of all what i did. I made angular.js directives for the general SemanticUI modules, now is done following modules:
  • accordion
  • checkbox
  • dimmer
  • dropdown
  • modal
  • popup
  • raiting
  • sidebar
I'm planing to make also buttons, progressbars, animations and etc... But it will be in next versions. So what i have learned:
  • bower - A package manager for the web. Perfect tool, now no need to download angularjs, bootstrap and any another libraries by hand. Just wrote bower file, ala package.json and executed bower install and that's all. All dependencies are in bower_componentes directory.
  • grunt - The JavaScript Task Runner. Hard to share thinks about it, because i never used another task runners for javascript, but for first try it was good tool. Need to try also gulp, is anybody tried this? How do you like it? Grunt vs Gulp?
  • karma - test runner for javascript.
    On the AngularJS team, we rely on testing and we always seek better tools to make our life easier. That's why we created Karma - a test runner that fits all our needs.
  • How works ng-transclude directive
  • Angular.js directive - is the best way to access dom in your angular.js project
  • Angular.js directive - it is simple
There are also many another more technical things which i have learned in this project, will tell about it in next posts. If you're interesting in something about angular.js, semantic-ui, let me know in comments or in twitter and i will try to write post about it.