Weber + Coffeescript

Today i started to work for GruntJS integration to the Weber framework. It was old issue #25 and now grunt integration is in master. In this post I will tell how to use CoffeeScript with Weber. First of let's create new weber project with grunt:
mix /home/user/NewProject --grunt
You will see standard weber project structure, but with 2 new files:
  • package.json
  • Gruntfile.js
Actually it's standard files.



Let's add "grunt-contrib-coffee": "0.4.0" to the package.json, execute sudo npm install and update our Gruntfile.js:

Now create public/coffee/ and add some code:

Now just execute:
grunt coffee
And you will see /public/js/app.js with compiled coffeescript. Very simple! That's all.

If you will have any questions/suggestions/issues write us to the Weber's issues. We need contributors.